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Super C 1.0

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4.5 (Голосов: 2)
Автор DotNes (Сайт)
Языки Русский
Системы Windows
Лицензия Freeware ( 0.00 $  )

Основная информация об игре

The game takes place in December 2634, a year after the events of the original Contra. A disturbing distress signal from General Hal is received, who was on his way to South America in preparation for the GX Army's 7th military maneuvers, reporting that the GX Army has suddenly revolted. The top branch of the federation forces calls forth Bill and Lance to investigate the situation.
As in the original Contra, the North American localization of the NES version changed the game's futuristic setting to a contemporary one, although the premise of Bill and Lance fighting against their former comrades-in-arms remained more or less the same. With this said, have fun...
Версия: 1.0
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